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Revolutionizing Node.js Development

While Node.js is undeniably powerful, its available frameworks and ecosystem often lead developers to focus solely on building the application, neglecting considerations for long-term maintainability and code cleanliness. The resulting codebase can be challenging for new team members to grasp.

In contrast, ecosystems like Java and C# offer robust frameworks that facilitate the creation of more maintainable applications. These ecosystems enable new employees to work on the product with relative ease, even without an in-depth understanding of the entire codebase.

👉 Fort.js aims to address this issue by leveraging modern JavaScript and TypeScript. It provides simple APIs and adopts the Fort architecture, which promotes modularity through components without compromising performance (reportedly 3 times faster than Express.js).


A feature-rich Node.js web framework designed for building powerful, scalable, and maintainable web applications.

3x 🚀 faster than nestjs and expressjs


FortJs provides a scalable architecture for building both small and large web applications.

Faster 🚀

Fortjs delivers unparalleled speed, surpassing popular alternatives like Express and Nest by more than three times, providing a high-performance solution for web applications. Take a look at Benchmark

Reusable Components

Components like walls, shields, and guards offer a modular and reusable approach to building applications.

Intuitive Routing

FortJs simplifies routing, making it intuitive for developers to define and manage routes.

Dependency Injection

The framework includes a robust dependency injection system, promoting clean and organized code.

Unit Testable

FortJs is designed to be unit-testable, enabling developers to write tests for their code, ensuring stability and maintainability.

Modern Development

FortJs is built with modern development practices in mind, providing a contemporary and efficient development experience.


FortJs offers flexibility in how components are used, allowing developers to tailor the framework to their specific needs. You can configure almost everything.

Fort Architecture

The framework follows a well-architected design architecture Fort , promoting a structured and organized development approach.

Beautiful code

The FortJs architecture enables you to craft elegant, self-explanatory, and readable code.

Free and MIT License

Everything is free and open source with MIT License. Use it without worry.

TypeScript Supported

With native TypeScript support, fortjs empowers developers to leverage the benefits of static typing for a more robust and error-resistant codebase.